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What is at the Museum

The collection at the museum is an eclectic assortment of items from the 1800's through the 1900's. There are tools for the home and farm, furniture, household accessories, office equipment, documents, photographs, and all types of clothing. Many items have been contributed by local residents over the years and have a direct connection to the Upper San Gabriel Valley and its residents.

Some of the Museum's Items left to right: Flour Sifter, Comb made form ivory or bone, Glasses, Hat Making Mold.

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Museum Location and Hours

314 N. Glendora Ave.
Glendora, CA 91741

Open 11:00am to 2:00pm,  most Saturdays,
(except holidays)
Free Admission!

Arrange private tours and special appointments by calling the Museum at (626) 963-0419.

You can also purchase books, ornaments, citrus label reproductions, and many other items from our gift shop!

Images of the Museum

In 1952 the Historical Society leased the building at 314 Michigan Ave (now Glendora Ave) The small building was built in 1913 and contained Glendora's original City Hall, Volunteer Fire Deparment, and holding cell (temporary jail) until 1922 when the current City Hall was built. It has gone through a number of changes. Below are some photos of the museum at various stages in its life. The Museum Founding page provides a more detailed account of how the Glendora Historical Society Museum was established.

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Glendora Historic Walking Tour

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Founding of the Museum

H. Paul Keiser became the first curator of the Historical Society, April 15, 1947, at the first official Board of Directors meeting, he was also the Chairman of the Board. At that time there was no museum. The society, formally established in 1947, had a growing collection but no permanent place to keep it. From the Monday March 29, 1948 minutes recorded as stated by Ruth Kimball; "....she advised that the greater portion of all Historical Society funds would be used to purchase cabinets and files to protect the historical data collected by the Society." Some items were displayed in the Reading Room of the library which then existed at City Hall, the other part of the collection had no official home.

Other minutes during 1949 discuss storing items in a vault at the "old bank building" then used by the "Glendora Independent Irrigating Company". At the May 16, 1949 meeting Board President Les Warren "suggested that the Historical Society furnish a fire proof door for the vault...". From the ninth regular meeting of the Historical Society held May 23, 1949 Mr. Keiser stated; "We are now preparing a proper place to keep these things. We have procured a fireproof vault from the "Glendora Independent Irrigating Company" and hope that people will be even more liberal with their gifts in the future and thank everyone for contributions of the past."

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