The Museum

  • Glendora’s 100 Year

    Glendora’s 100 Year

    Again running out of room it was decided to expand the museum in conjunction with Glendora's 100 year celebration, 1887-1987.…

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  • Mrs. Chester Ady

    Mrs. Chester Ady

    Mrs. Chester Ady, First Vice President 1974-75, standing by the Whitcomb desk when it was at the Museum Room in…

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  • The Remodel

    The Remodel

    The Museum was remodeled for the 1776-1976 National Bicentennial Celebration. These pictures are from the official dedication on December 4th,…

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  • 1952 American Legion

    1952 American Legion

    This photograph of the Museum was taken in 1952, the building was being used by the American Legion Frank J.…

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  • The Pepper Tree

    The Pepper Tree

    The Museum after the new city hall was built in 1922. Now there is a building right behind the museum…

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  • The Museum 1915

    The Museum 1915

    The Museum when the 1915 American-La France fire engine was Glendora's state of the art fire fighting equipment. Note the…

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